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We provide all kind of MAJOR / MINOR projects, Final year projects, BE ,BTECH, EC , ECE , EX , EI , EE , electronics projects or embedded system projects with each student project training.

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Minor Projects without Microcontroller

MIN1. Clap Switch
MIN2. Energy Saver
MIN3. Obstacle Sensor
MIN4. Tilt Alarm
MIN5. Variable Power Supply
MIN6. College Bell
MIN7. Visitor’s counter
MIN8. Automatic Street Lights
MIN9. DC Motor Speed Controller
MIN10. AC Motor Speed Control
MIN11. IR Based Remote Control
MIN12. Touch Based Lamp
MIN13. RF Based Device Control (Remote Control)
MIN14. Prepaid Timer Based Energy Meter
MIN15. Water Indicator and Alarm
MIN16. Intruder Alarm System
MIN17. Automatic Human Detector Alarm System
MIN18. Automatic Plant Irrigation System
MIN19. Rain Alarm
MIN20. Vehicle Theft Alarm
MIN21. RF Based Wireless Robot
MIN22. RF Based Wireless Call Bell
MIN23. Mobile Based Robot Control (Wired & Wireless)
MIN24. Mobile Based Device Control (Wired & Wireless)
MIN25. Library Silence Manager
MIN26. LPG Gas Leakage Detector
MIN27. Alcohol Detector
MIN28. Line Follower Robot
MIN29. Touch Based Robot
MIN30. Battery Charger with Overcharge Indicator
MIN31. Rechargeable Study Table Lamp
MIN32. DC to AC Inverter
MIN33. TV Remote Control Jammer
MIN34. Digital Dice
MIN35. Own Voice Alarm Using UM5506.BH
MIN36. Voice Record and Playback Using APR IC, ISD2100
MIN37. Bend Alarm
MIN38. Mobile Detector
MIN39. IR Remote Tester
MIN40. IR Remote Range Extender
MIN41. Laser Communication (Tx & Rx)
MIN42. High Speed Alarm System for Highways
MIN43. Metal Detector
MIN44. Fire Detector and Control System
MIN45. Audio Amplifier
MIN46. Automatic Room Light Control
MIN47. Stepper Motor Driver
MIN48. Continuity Tester
MIN49. Graphic Based Equalizer
MIN50. Washroom Light Energy Saver

Minor Projects with Microcontroller

MINM1. Water Level Indicator & Controller
MINM2. Fastest Finger First
MINM3. Traffic Light System (red green, red green yellow)
MINM4. Temperature Based Fan Speed Controller
MINM5. Light Based Lamp Intensity Control (AC & DC Lamp)
MINM6. Proximity Detector & Measurement With Ultrasonic Sensor
MINM7. Logic Gate Emulator (AND, OR, NOT, XOR)
MINM8. Energy Saver With/ Without Intensity Control
MINM9. Bidirectional Visitor Counter
MINM10. Home Automation System (Temp. sensor, LDR, PIR)
MINM11. Password Based Door Lock System
MINM12. Digital Thermometer with Big LED Display
MINM13. LED Matrix Based Display System
MINM14. LED Cube
MINM15. Propeller Display
MINM16. Under Ground Cable Fault Detector
MINM17. Digital Clock on LCD
MINM18. Digital Clock on 7 Segments
MINM19. RGB LED Control
MINM20. Gesture Based Message Display System
MINM21. Color Sensing LED
MINM22. Stepper Motor Driver
MINM23. Timer Based Switch
MINM24. PS2 Keyboard Based LED Display
MINM25. PS2 Keyboard Controlled Robot
MINM26. Token Display System with Buzzer
MINM27. Wireless Call bell System
MINM28. Wireless Power Control of Power Extension Board
MINM29. IR Remote Based Fan Speed Control
MINM30. DTMF Based
MINM31. Digital Stop Watch
MINM32. Earth Quake Sensor
MINM33. 5 band Graphic Equalizer
MINM34. Calculator


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